3 Signs You Might Need Ingrown Toenail Removal (Surgery)

Jan 13, 2017

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3 Signs You Might Need Ingrown Toenail Removal (Surgery)

If you’re thinking you might need to have an ingrown toenail removed, you should always consult a podiatrist first. An experienced podiatrist will help you determine if you need this surgery. If you’re experiencing any pain due to an ingrown toenail, please read The Top 5 Things You Can Do at Home to Reduce Ingrown Toenail Pain.

The following signs will help you determine if you should see a podiatrist and with ultimately make the decision to relive your ingrown toenail pain, and remove it surgically. If you’re wondering how long a surgery might take, recovery time, etc. please visit our ingrown toenail page.

  1. If you’re still experiencing pain above a 5 out of 10 (worst pain you’ve ever felt) threshold after you’ve tried our home pain relief remedies, then this is a tell-tale sign you should see a podiatrist, and that you might need to get your toenail or part of your toenail removed.
  2. Some ingrown toenails are hereditary, and there’s just not much you can do to reduce the frequency of infection, and pain. Cases like this typically lead to surgery.
  3. If your toe feels hot to the touch, is red, swollen, visibly infected, these are all signs that you should visit a podiatrist for an evaluation. See the image below for an example of a toe that has all of these signs.

Getting an ingrown toenail removed, or even the thought of it can cause some uneasiness.Remember, you shouldn’t feel any pain during surgery. Just the initial pinch from the needle for numbing. Most removals last about 30 mins, and for most people, 30 minutes is well worth the time spent for a lifetime of no more pain!

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