5 Steps To Prevent Problems In High Risk Feet.

Dec 10, 2020

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5 Steps To Prevent Problems In High Risk Feet.

We are all living through unprecedented times during this COVID-19 pandemic. Everything has changed from how we shop, find entertainment, and even how we gather with family and friends. During these uncertain times we have all had to adapt. With all the changes around us it is as important as ever to practice principles of foot care. For patients with diabetes, poor blood flow, loss of sensation in their feet, or other concerns that put them at higher risk of developing wounds or infection there are simple steps your can take every day to prevent problems with your feet.

  1. Wear supportive, stiff soled shoes that are updated at least once a year. Do not go barefoot, even in the house. This will help prevent hot spots, calluses, or injuries that can turn into ulcerations.
  2. Check feet every day for any signs of callus, change in color or temperature, bleeding, injuries, or wounds. If you can catch any issues early, it is much easier to treat.
  3. Moisturize dry skin every day to prevent cracks and fissuring.
  4. Keep toenails clear and trimmed. If you are unable to perform this yourself or are at higher risk for complications present to your local podiatrist for evaluation and management.
  5. If you do notice any bleeding, increased redness, new or painful calluses, open wounds, or new pain in your feet or toes contact your local podiatrist immediately. This way the issue can be treated quickly before it becomes a more difficult problem to resolve.

High Risk Feet

At Salt Lake Foot and Ankle Clinic Dr. Goebel DPM and Dr. Packard DPM have urgent appointments available to take care of your foot care needs. We also specialize in preventative medicine, performing routine visits for those at higher risk for complications. In this way we do all we can to decrease the chance of major complications and keep you on your feet and moving forward even during a worldwide pandemic. Please contact our office at 801-274-9060 for more information.

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