Diabetic Foot Care Specialist

Diabetic Foot Care services offered in Holladay and West Jordan, UT

If you have diabetes, proper foot care is crucial to keep your feet healthy and reduce the risk of complications. At Salt Lake City Foot and Ankle Clinic in Holladay and West Jordan, Utah, our podiatrists Christiaan Goebel, DPM, Weston Packard, DPM, and their team offer comprehensive diabetic foot care for patients of all ages. Call the office to schedule an evaluation or book one online today. We serve all of Salt Lake City and the surrounding communities. 

Diabetic Foot Care Q&A

What is diabetic foot care?

Diabetic foot care includes the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of common diabetic foot problems — such as nerve damage, numbness, tingling, burning, ulcers, foot pain, and the need for amputation. The experts at Salt Lake City Foot and Ankle Clinic have many years of experience caring for diabetic patients and keeping their feet as healthy as possible. 

What are common causes of diabetic foot problems?

Uncontrolled diabetes is the most common cause of diabetic foot problems. To properly control your blood sugar, it’s vital to follow your doctor’s instructions, eat nutritious foods, get regular exercise, and maintain a healthy body weight. Monitor your blood sugar regularly and avoid walking barefoot outside or in public areas.

What should I expect during diabetic foot care visits?

During diabetic foot care visits at Salt Lake City Foot and Ankle Clinic, your provider asks questions about your medical history, symptoms, and lifestyle habits. They check your vital signs and complete a physical exam, paying close attention to your feet and ankles.

You might also need blood tests, a tissue biopsy, X-rays, an MRI, a CT scan, an ultrasound, or another imaging procedure.

How are diabetic foot problems treated?

Common diabetic foot care treatments available at Salt Lake City Foot and Ankle Clinic include:

  • Blood sugar control
  • Healthy lifestyle changes
  • Topical wound care
  • Debridement (clearing away diseased tissue)
  • Medications
  • Bandaging
  • Skin grafts
  • Drainage
  • Custom orthotics
  • Diabetic shoes
  • Nonsurgical off-loading
  • Laser therapy
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Surgery

Your specialist recommends conservative treatments first but offers surgery if needed to reduce the risk of complications or restore your foot’s structure and function.

When should I schedule diabetic foot care appointments?

Schedule diabetic foot care visits at Salt Lake City Foot and Ankle Clinic any time you experience foot pain or other new or unusual symptoms, such as open wounds, numbness, tingling, or burning pain. Check your feet regularly for signs of a problem and see the Salt Lake City Foot and Ankle Clinic team at least once a year for foot evaluations.

To schedule a diabetic foot care visit at Salt Lake City Foot and Ankle Clinic, call the office or use the online booking tab today.