Toenail Fungus Specialist

Toenail Fungus services offered in Holladay and West Jordan, UT

Unsightly toenail fungus can make your nail thick, yellow, and crumbly. If you’ve noticed signs of a fungal infection in your toenail, contact Christiaan Goebel, DPM, and Weston Packard, DPM, at Salt Lake City Foot and Ankle Clinic in Utah. Serving the entire Salt Lake City community and surrounding areas through their offices in Holladay and West Jordan, the experienced podiatrists use antifungal Tolcylen™ Solution, which also contains cosmetic agents to improve the nail’s appearance. For a fast and effective toenail fungus cure, call Salt Lake City Foot and Ankle Clinic today or schedule an appointment online.

Toenail Fungus Q&A

What is toenail fungus?

Toenail fungus develops when fungal spores get into your cuticle at the bottom of your toenail. As the infection spreads, your nail becomes thick and yellow and might start hurting. Advanced toenail fungus can make the nail crumble.

Feet are an ideal place for the toenail fungus to live because it likes a dark, warm, moist environment. Hot, sweaty shoes and socks provide the fungus with a perfect breeding ground.

Toenail fungus isn’t a major concern, provided you’re generally healthy. But it does present a significant risk to people with diabetes or poor circulation because these patients are vulnerable to bacterial infections in the feet.

Toenail fungus damages the nail and the soft tissues beneath it, allowing bacteria to enter. The bacteria multiply, causing what could become a severe infection. If you have diabetes or a disorder like chronic venous insufficiency, you should always see your podiatrist at Salt Lake City Foot and Ankle Clinic if you develop toenail fungus.

How is toenail fungus diagnosed?

The toenail discoloration that occurs with toenail fungus is also a symptom of several problems, including injuries, psoriasis (an autoimmune skin disorder), and vitamin deficiencies. Therefore, it’s important to find out what’s causing your symptoms so you get the proper treatment.  

If they need to confirm the cause of your nail problem, your podiatrist can collect a sample of the affected toenail for lab testing. Once they know what’s causing your symptoms, they can recommend the most effective treatment.

How is toenail fungus treated?

Several treatments are available for toenail fungus. Oral antifungal medication (pills you swallow) and topical antifungal cream applied to the nail can kill the fungus. Another way of destroying toenail fungus is to use laser energy. The concentrated light beams create oxygen in the affected area, killing the fungus.

The Salt Lake City Foot and Ankle Clinic team uses Tolcylen Solution to treat toenail fungus. This product contains an antifungal medication along with cosmetic agents that quickly improve the appearance of dry, thick, discolored nails.

Tolcylen is so effective at killing the fungus and improving the way your nail looks that most people never need surgery for toenail fungus.

If you notice a discolored, thickened, or crumbling toenail, visit Salt Lake City Foot and Ankle Clinic for fast, effective treatment. Call their nearest office or schedule an appointment online today.