Pleasant - satisfactory - met our expectations-takes care of toenail maintenance which has become difficult at our ages, 92 & 93.

Clifford A. | Jan 11, 2023

Dr Packard and staff are always pleasant and professional. Wait time for me has always been very minimal. Sometimes I don't even get to sit down in the waiting room. I would recommend them to my friends and family.

Patricia G. | Oct 28, 2022

He is a very good foot Dr. He has a very efficient office staff.

Kathleen B. | Oct 25, 2022

I don't think I've been as impressed with a physician as much as I am with Dr. Packard. He's intelligent, kind, compassionate, empathetic, and listens intently. So many doctors have a tendency to not listen intently, and I believe that is the most important skill a physician can have. I can't even begin to stress the amount of relief I felt from Dr. Packard. He is genuinely a good person. I've spent so many years not being taken seriously by physicians, and he made me feel so relieved to be heard that I almost had to hug him upon the completion of my visit! Highly, highly recommend!!

Dustin D. | Oct 13, 2022